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Ceramic Design

Amongst the many opportunities available to those with a professional knowledge of clay and glaze materials, kilns and product design, you could become a studio ceramist producing handcrafted ware for sale nationally and internationally in Galleries and gift shops as some of our allumni have done. Designing and making tiles for interior spaces and exteriors has become sought after following the boom in the building industry. You could specialise in ceramic ware for specific markets like garden and outdoor or you could even work for a manufacturing concern designing shapes for mass production. Some of our students have gone on to become teachers, studio managers, interior designers and product developers for rural based studios.

Photograph by Irma Weyers

All National Diploma programmes, offered by the Faculty of Arts, ascribe to the following educational aims:

The development of technical skills and knowledge of processes, as well as the use of appropriate technology and apparatus. This includes a basic level of computer literacy relevant to individual disciplines.

The development of creative thinking and aesthetic understanding, including experimentation, problem identification and solving, and both practical and theoretical application, within a chosen discipline.

The development of professional business ethics relevant to a chosen career in the visual and tactile arts, including the economics of business, finance, marketing, advertising and self-promotion.

Students gain personal confidence in their ability to integrate skills, knowledge and experience relevant to the real-world context.